Sep 25th Network Maintenance - Sep 26th 2017 9:00AM PST - Portland, OR

Dear Customer,This notice is to alert you to maintenance we will be performing on our connection to Hurricane Electric.  We are installing a new SFP module in our router to increase the link speed with Hurricane Electric to 10gbps.  Start time: 9:00 am PST 09/26/2017End time: 10:00 am PST 09/26/2017Expected Outage/Downtime: Less than 5 ... Read More »

Jun 3rd Network Maintenance - 6/9/2017 12:00AM Portland, OR

Dear Customer,This email is to alert you regarding maintenance one of our upstream providers will be performing which may impact a portion of our network.Start time: 12:00 am pacific 06/09/2017End time: 3:00 am pacific 06/09/2017Expected Outage/Downtime: 15 minutesHowever, due to the complexity of the work, your downtime may be longer.Our ... Read More »

Jan 10th Network Maintenance - 1/12/2017 12:00AM Portland, OR

One of our upstream providers will be performing maintenance which may cause brief connectivity issues.

Window Start Time: 01/12/2017 12:00AM
Window End Time: 01/12/2016 06:00 AM
Expected Impact: < 5-10 minutes
Reason: Cogent is upgrading software on core routers in the Portland, OR location.

Sep 22nd Network Maintenace 9/22/2016

Hi,We are moving our Hurricane Electric uplink in Portland, OR to a new router.  This should not cause an outage, but there may be a brief service interruption for some clients.Window Start Time: Sep 22nd, 4PM PacificWindow End Time: Sep 22nd, 8PM PacificExpected Impact: < 2 minutesReason: Moving uplink connectionPlease let us know if you ... Read More »

Sep 2nd Network Maintenance 8/2/2016

Hi,We will be moving the network ports for clients on a portion of our Portland, OR network to a new router.  This will cause a short period of downtime (approximately 15 seconds).Window Start Time: Sep 2nd, 2PM PacificWindow End Time: Sep 2nd, 4PM PacificExpected Impact: < 1 minuteReason: Port swapPlease let us know if you have any ... Read More »

Aug 1st Maintenance Notification August 10th - Portland

Window Start Time: Wednesday, August 10th, 12:01am PDT
Window End Time: Wednesday, August 10th, 6:00am PDT
Expected Impact: < 30 minutes
Reason: Router hardware and software upgrades to improve security, stability, and capacity.

Jun 20th Office closed 6/20 through 6/24

Fork Networking will be closed from June 20th 2016 to June 24th 2016.

Emergency support will be available during the closure at our after hours rate.

Apr 19th Network Maintenance 4/21/2016

Hi,We will be restarting a router on our network which will cause a short period of downtime while the router reloads.Window Start Time: Thursday, April 21st, 4am PacificWindow End Time: Thursday, April 21st, 5am PacificExpected Impact: < 10 minutesReason: Router software upgrade to improve security and stabilityPlease let us know if you ... Read More »

Jan 19th Cloud Virtualization, Upgraded Client Portal, Reboot changes.

• We have upgraded our Client Portal software to WHMCS 6.2.0.  This provides an easier to use and much more asthetically pleasing interface.• We've recoded our custom modules so that bandwidth graphs and power cycling will be easier to use and more reliable.  Rebooting is now called "Power Cycle" and is located on the Service Details page ... Read More »

Mar 26th Spring Break Closure - March 27th to April 6th 2015

Fork Networking will be closed from March 27th 2015 to April 6th 2015.

Emergency support will be available during the closure.