• We have upgraded our Client Portal software to WHMCS 6.2.0.  This provides an easier to use and much more asthetically pleasing interface.

• We've recoded our custom modules so that bandwidth graphs and power cycling will be easier to use and more reliable.  Rebooting is now called "Power Cycle" and is located on the Service Details page for each of your servers.  Bandwidth Graphs will automatically show up at the bottom of this page.

• The portal is now hosted on a local RAID10-SSD based server which should make things snappy and happy!

We're also in the progress of deploying a new Virtual Server / Cloud Platform for all of your virtualization needs.  You'll soon be able to deploy instances on-demand, without needed to place an order or wait for approval.  In addition, it includes console access via Java and VNC, can monitor usage, and much more.  We're really excited to make this new tool available to you. 

Forked Staff

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

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