Sep 22nd Network Maintenace 9/22/2016

Hi,We are moving our Hurricane Electric uplink in Portland, OR to a new router.  This should not cause an outage, but there may be a brief service interruption for some clients.Window Start Time: Sep 22nd, 4PM PacificWindow End Time: Sep 22nd, 8PM PacificExpected Impact: < 2 minutesReason: Moving uplink connectionPlease let us know if you ... Read More »

Sep 2nd Network Maintenance 8/2/2016

Hi,We will be moving the network ports for clients on a portion of our Portland, OR network to a new router.  This will cause a short period of downtime (approximately 15 seconds).Window Start Time: Sep 2nd, 2PM PacificWindow End Time: Sep 2nd, 4PM PacificExpected Impact: < 1 minuteReason: Port swapPlease let us know if you have any ... Read More »